Monday, 18 May 2009

Update on Google Your Family Tree

I emailed the website for Google Your Family Tree and asked if there was a scheduled release date for the book in the UK. I had a very prompt reply waiting in my inbox which said there were no immediate plans for a separate UK edition. Unfortunately, this didn't really answer my question. I've replied asking if they know where I can buy it in the UK as I've tried to buy it direct from the website but this only gives options for shipping to the US and Canada.

If anyone knows how I can buy this book then please let me know.



  1. In theory you'd be able to order direct from (as opposed to as they ship to the UK, but it's currently out of stock. There's obviously something very unusual about the distribution arrangements for this book, as I checked the AU supplier website which specifically states that this book can't be shipped to the US or UK (restriction is for that book only).

    I'd hazard a guess there's some legal issues going on behind the scenes affecting UK distribution that they obviously don't want to tell you about.

  2. This looks a good book! If you go to and put the title in the search box, one copy comes up. You'd have to pay shipping from the US which makes it a bit dear but if you really wanted it... Abe is like a consortium of online booksellers from all over the world.