Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fashion of our Ancestors

Westfield shopping centre in London has posted this video on You Tube of all the different styles of clothing and dance in the last 100 year.
I wonder how many of these outfits are similar to the clothes my ancestors may have worn?
I know that some of the more recent ones are similar to clothes I've worn!

Friday, 9 September 2011

New blogger app

Blogger has just released an iphone app. I downloaded it to my ipad to try out in case I see something of interest when I'm out and about. So far so good but not quite as easy as using the traditional keyboard.
It does allow for photos to be uplaoded straight from the ipad which may be a useful feature. I've added a photo of the Giant's Causeway.
I will see if I find it useful and let you know.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

ePetition for Research Copies of BMD Certificates

I followed a tweet to this interesting ePetition about the possiblity of research copies of birth, marriage and death certificates.

I think this would be a good idea because sometimes the certificate is just being ordered for the data held within it and it seems like a lot of money just to get to this. But I would hope that you would still be able to order the "proper" certificates as it's always interesting to see exactly what was written down at the time and sometimes there are little notes that can provide further information.

What do you think? I've signed the ePetition would you?Link

Monday, 5 September 2011

A bit of a riddle...

After speaking to my mother-in-law at the weekend it appears that she never knew her Granddad, Samuel Molloy. The story goes that after getting married to Margaret and having 4 children he just disappeared.

Well, obviously I like a challenge so the next day I started doing a little bit of digging and guess what I found - Samuel Molloy went to Canada! I found the passenger list of the SS Megantic (on Ancestry) and there he is. It doesn't look like he was planning on coming back either as he has answered yes when asked if he intends to live permanently in Canada. He doesn't hide the fact he's married either as he's described as husband. There is some writing that seems to mention wife but I can't read it - can anyone decipher it?So, now I'm obviously interested in Canadian records as I'd like to know what happened to Samuel once he got to Canada. I don't think the rest of the family ever went out to Canada so I wonder if he got remarried or how long he lived etc. Any tips on Canada would be great!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

September Update

I'm starting a Pharos course this week about organising - it's only 3 weeks long but I'm looking forward to it. I thought I would try a short course first to see how it all works and if it will fit in with our hectic family life. It is all online and has a forum and a weekly chat session. This course appealed to me as I'm hoping it will provide me with some useful tools for both my one name study and my own research.

I received the FlatCapsandBonnets CD promptly after ordering it and it was good -lots of searchable pdf's of books. I would recommend taking a look and for less than £5 it does provide a useful resource.

My father-in-law scanned in some old photos from his collection. So now I have some cool old photos of my husband's Gt Grandfather's (Charles William TILLIN) wedding. There is a family story that his Gt Grandmother (Ada Mary HERON) was jewish but I don't have any proof of this. All of the family were baptised in the local parish churches so I'm not sure if this will turn out to be a bit of a family myth.

Here are the happy couple surrounded by friends and family in 1917 in Streatham.