Friday, 20 February 2009

Who am I researching?

I've been looking into our family trees for a couple of years now. I started off researching my husband's family as they were predominantly in England so more straightforward for a novice. Once I'd got the hang of it I started looking into my ancestors who were based in Northern Ireland.

Since then I've collected various pieces of information on hundreds of ancestors - both direct line and collateral. The problem is that this is all very interesting but not very accessible to anyone else so I've decided to take a step back, concentrate initially on our direct line ancestors and try to put the information into a format that is easier to look at.

The names I'm going to focus on at first are
  • ADAMS - Somerset, England and Hampshire, England
  • BIRCH - Kent, England
  • FAIRCHILD - Gibraltar
  • GUTHRIE - Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • HERMON - Berkshire, England
  • HERON - Surrey, England
  • HICKINSON - Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • LOUGHRIDGE - Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • MOLLOY - Derbyshire, England
  • REDMOND - Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • ROBBINS - Kent, England, Gloucestershire, England and Gibraltar
  • SAIT - Hampshire, England
  • TILLIN - Berkshire, England and Surrey, England

The locations are where I believe the majority of our ancestors resided. This is based on Census information as well as anecdotes.

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