Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Organising, organising and more organising...

Today has been an organising day! (Inbetween the usual daily chores and looking after the baby of course!)

I now know what I've got, what I haven't got, printed copies of documents I only had on the pc and added another list of things to find to my to do list. I've also created a mini folder with summary info to take with me to Who Do You Think You Are Live at the weekend.

But there is definitely something satisfying looking at a nice clean folder with everything filed away.

All I need now is someone to ask me a question so that I can go to my newly arranged files and swiftly provide the answer!


  1. Hi, Jo! I just bought some supplies today for organizing. I am devoting thirty minutes to scanning tonight, then I will move on to organizing. I think I've come up with a new filing system (the third one). That's cool that you are an accountant too:). My blog has been kind of quiet lately b/c our financial statement audit is this week, and I had the end-of-month work to finish up last week (I usually have end-of-month done by the 15th but I've been behind with year-end).

  2. Was WDYTYA fun, and was your minifolder useful? I'm guessing you now have lots more things and ideas to add to your To Do List!
    (and I'm another accountant, so that makes at least three of us :)