Monday, 23 February 2009

To Do List

So, now I need to come up with a list of tasks.

1. Look up relatives on Ireland Civil Registration Indexes 1845 - 1958 at FamilySearch.

2. Work out how to get certificates for Irish Births, Marriages and Deaths.

3. Get Family Historian v4 as soon as it comes out in March then use it to make sure all the information is sourced properly.

4. Add the direct line families to my binder for both lines.

5. Go through the box of bits from my mum and scan in anything interesting.

6. Look into the common places for each surname.

7. Find out about the jobs that people did.

8. Investigate any military connections.

9. Start proper lists of certificates to apply for, documents to find, questions to ask, places to visit

10. Find out what resources are available at the local library

11. Volunteer for some sort of transcribing programme or local society.

These are in no particular order but should serve as a bit of a reminder when I'm coming back to it. Time is always the thing I run out of first as it's tricky to do much research when you're looking after 2 children under 3!!

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