Sunday, 12 April 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Easter Eggs

So I'm trying out Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun on Genea-Musings - a Genealogy Easter Egg Hunt!!

The first step is to pick a place from my research that I don't know much about. I've picked Gibraltar. My husband's great grandmother comes from there and I'm intrigued to see if I can find out more about her and her family and how they ended up with a family in England.

Step two is to go to Google and put in the place name, the state name, and the words "genealogy" and "society." I decided to search on [gibraltar genealogy society].

For step 3 I pick the web site that looks the most interesting or promising, and search for data about your ancestor(s) that lived there. The first result that came up was the Gibraltar Genealogy website.

So let's see what I can find out.

The first stop was the message board to see if there was anyone looking for the same family as me - ROBBINS/FAIRCHILD/HERNANDEZ. Unfortunately I didn't find anything but I may leave a message.

I then followed the links on the website. Many ended up at sites that were no longer updated (some didn't even exist!) but there were a few that might give me potential leads. I will update the blog if any of these come to anything.

Thanks to Randy for highlighting a new and fun way forward though!!!

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  1. My mother.......Mary Araceli Fren was born in Gibraltar in 1911 and came to the states at an early age. I never knew her mother, but 2 of her brothers Angle and Louie visited us. They settled in NY City where my mother attended nursing school. Portions of her side including some nephews and nieces resided on Long Island. Any info would be appreciated Gil Perry