Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Latest Certificate - EAGLES/JAMES marriage

Another certificate landed on the doormat today.

It's for the marriage of my husband's gtx3 grandfather and gtx3 grandmother.

Their names were James EAGLES and Sarah JAMES. James and Sarah got married in Croydon, Surrey on 30th August 1854. Strangely enough my husband actually lived in Croydon for a few years without knowing that he had a family history there.

James' occupation is given as coachman - this tallies up with the census entries I have for him. According to wikipedia, a coachman was the servant who preceded the chauffeur in domestic service before cars.

The certificate also gives me the names of James and Sarah's fathers. William EAGLES was a carpenter and Edward JAMES was a gamekeeper.

One of the witnesses was Mary Ann JAMES, I'm wondering if James and Sarah named their first child after this person - Mary Ann EAGLES is my husband's gtx2 grandmother. Perhaps this witness was a sister of James?? Something else to investigate

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