Monday, 25 March 2013

Lost Tillin Family Update

Thanks to Kirsty's comment on my previous post I started to try and track down Ulverscroft Road.

First I used FindMyPast's search by address function to confirm which district the road was in - this turned out to be Camberwell. Then I went over to where I have a subscription and went to the Search page for the 1881 England Census. On the search page I typed "ULVERSCROFT" into the keyword field to see what would happen and it brought up 491 records. I hit view on the first record then scanned the pages until I got to number 3 Ulverscroft Road.

3 Ulverscroft Road taken from GoogleStreetview (2013)
 But..... the house was described as uninhabited!!! So back to the drawing board....

I went to the 1891 Census record and looked at the address - 9 Alton Terrace - but I couldn't find this on a map. So I looked up the record on Ancestry and scrolled back a few pages until I found Landells Road. I googled Landells Road and it was in a similar location to Ulverscroft Road and not far from St John the Evangelist in East Dulwich so I felt I might be onto something.

Back to Ancestry and I typed in Edward Tilling as the search in Census records for the 1880's. It came back with results for the London Electoral registers for Dulwich in 1890 and Edward Tilling was registered as at 138 Landells Road. It looks like that's the earliest electoral register for Dulwich on Ancestry so let's head back to the 1881 census and see if I can find the road.

In 1891 the family were in District 34 of Camberwell so I started there. I was slightly waylaid by the fact that Landells Road is mistranscribed as Landele Road but once I had sorted that out I browsed every single page of district 34. Unfortunately this only went up to 114 Landells Road - not 138 that I need. So I browsed district 33 as well, page by page, and still no 138 Landells Road.

138 Landells Road taken from GoogleStreetView (2013)

I tried a search for Flo* Till?n on all records and stumbled across a school admission for Florence and her sister Rose in 1887 with the address of 138 Landells Road on it. I am now even more convinced that I'm on the right track. The school admission record was brilliant as it also confirmed the father's name as Edward and the date of birth for both girls.

But for now I still haven't found this elusive family in 1881...

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