Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Where does the time go?????

Well I've not updated the blog for a month or so but I've not forgotten about it!!!

We've been away on a couple of great holidays and our main computer died so there are my excuses!

I've managed to do a bit of genealogy though. I'm currently using Ancestry's BMD records to create a database of all TILLIN Births and Marriages to see if I can make some links - it's a bit painful to get right but might provide some interesting links when it's done. I've also got my parents to take some photos of headstones on a recent trip to Ireland so I will be adding them to my tree and may post some on a Tombstone Tuesday.

Not much progress or breaking new ground but at least I'm still doing stuff!!

Also, thanks to Caroline and Linda for the awards - greatly appreciated - will try to live up to them over the next few months!

Hopefully the next post will have something more concrete to talk about....

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